Katja Biswas, Ph.D.
(Mississippi State University, 2011)

I started my professional life in the capacity of a visiting assistant professor of physics at Loyola University New Orleans, one of the top ten regional places in the South for undergraduate education. After four years at Loyola University, I joined the department of physics at the University of North Georgia for two years. After this I took the position of a senior postdoctoral research assistant working in the computational and data intensive research group led by Prof. Katzgraber at Texas A&M University. My research interests are situated in the field of statistical and computational physics, with a focus on developing new computational methods.

Developing new computational tools allows for new ways of accessing the phenomena of nature and requires a good sense of abstraction, a superb understanding of physics and excellent programming skills. Students interested working in this area can join a vibrant research program and will first hand experience how the topics learned in class tie in with current areas of research.

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